Strengthen your cyber posture with the intelligent GRC

Get the governance, risk management, and compliance platform that provides actionable insight into your information security program. With IntelliGRC, meet and sustain government regulations, including standards and frameworks such as NIST SP800-171 and CMMC.

Streamline your compliance process today.

Gap Analysis Review

Take the complexity out of compliance.

Do you know what is required for your business? Are you losing time trying to assess and manage your information security program? Are you uncertain of what steps to take to comply with government regulations? Are you confident that you are able to remain compliant? Is your program scalable for your growing business? IntelliGRC provides you clear and informative insights into your compliance readiness.

Step-by-step process

Follow guided workflows to describe your organization. IntelliGRC maps the data from interviews, documentation reviews, and our Recon Scanner to each security control objective. Follow along to receive your Action Plan with defined and prioritized tasks. And leverage a robust and growing library of recommendations.

Long-term solution

Protect your business and stay informed. Mitigate risks and establish a cybersecurity risk management program. IntelliGRC is a SaaS platform you can access year-round. Standardize your information security compliance program with IntelliGRC. And sustain your compliance as your business grows.

Defense Industrial Base answer

IntelliGRC is the solution for DoD Suppliers. The platform uses the NIST Risk Management Framework (RMF) processes. IntelliGRC is aligned with the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) framework in addition to DFARS 252.204-7012 and NIST SP800-171.

Why Service Providers Choose IntelliGRC

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) value IntelliGRC's streamlined assessment capabilities. They use IntelliGRC to assess their client's cybersecurity compliance faster. So they can focus their time on addressing their clients' needs. With IntelliGRC, MSPs and MSSPs get a consistent and repeatable solution that upholds the details and quality you would expect from expensive consulting firms.

Manage multiple customers with Multi-Tenant View

Invite clients to use the platform with Role-Based Access

Organize and protect customer data with Secure Data Separation

Streamline and automate assessment objectives

IntelliGRC is the intelligent solution with the easy process.

Easy enough for new cybersecurity professionals trying to support their small business. Powerful enough for service providers to speed up assessments and manage clients.

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Follow guided instructions to scope and start your assessment.


Implement and manage your compliance.


Begin your journey to cyber preparedness.

The IntelliGRC solution includes BOTH the GRC platform and recon scanner to bring you the most informed information security program.


The GRC Platform


The Scanner


the comprehensive solution to smart and painless cybersecurity compliance

IntelliGRC Core

Leave behind the spreadsheets and your documentation headaches. Simplify your risk and compliance management program with IntelliGRC Core. IntelliGRC's core application is your platform for managing your information security platform.

Boost your cyber posture today

IntelliGRC Core is the heart of what you need: simple to use with sophisticated outputs. Start with the core application and get intelligent guidance to improve your cyber posture.

The compliance assessment product that works for you.

Reduce Risks

Follow the guided process to efficiently scope your system boundary and perform a Gap assessment. Measure your risk posture with quantifiable metrics and dive deep into specific details. Take steps from your individual Action Plan to mitigate risks.

Save Time

IntelliGRC offers step-by-step guidance, workflows, and automation that take out the guesswork. So you move through the process faster. Your information is organized and saved for future assessments. Plus, generate artifacts instead of creating them from scratch.

Scale For Growth

Lighten your workload with IntelliGRC's scalability. Add infrastructure and users as your organization grows. Assess a new framework or standard by automatically cross walking controls. IntelliGRC scales with you so you can focus on business.

Enhance Visibility

You are never in the dark about your status or non-conformities. With IntelliGRC's dashboards and reports, you'll have measurable and transparent information. You can drill down to individual controls for specific details.

Generate Artifacts

Generate System Security Plans (SSPs) and Plans of Action and Milestones (POA&M). Create policy and procedure documents with our Policy Manager that automatically seeds the content needed to support security controls. Manage compliance artifacts with templates that offer change management and versioning capabilities.

Facilitate Audits

IntelliGRC automatically correlates support control objectives to your evidence artifacts. For any discovered gaps, IntelliGRC guides you on what you need to demonstrate conformance. Auditors will have the documentation and correlated evidence they need to quickly complete formal assessments.

IntelliGRC Recon Scanner

Streamline and monitor your compliance assessment with the IntelliGRC Recon Scanner.

Deploy the Recon Scanner for the most advanced results.

The Recon Scanner is an on-premise scanner tool that integrates seamlessly with the IntelliGRC Core application. IntelliGRC Recon is included with your subscription to IntelliGRC.

Recon scans endpoint devices and networks and allows for tailoring scanning logic. The scanner gathers supporting evidence to evaluate your technical control compliance in a quantifiable way. Gain detailed insights into where and how to remediate non-conformances with technical control objectives.

Reconnaissance on your IT assets.

Secure your systems

IntelliGRC Recon runs compliance scans. Uses tailored Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) content. Evaluates your Active Directory (AD) environment. And more! The Recon Scanner combines test objectives to evaluate your systems for compliance gaps and risks.

Respond faster

Scanning with a variety of tools can be time-consuming and costly. With automation and streamlined workflows, IntelliGRC Recon simplifies the process. Identify compliance gaps and weaknesses related to technical control objectives. Recon automates technical control validation and scoping of system boundaries.

Syncs data to the Core application

Recon securely imports scan data directly to the core application. So you get a cohesive and quantifiable approach to evaluating and managing your cyber posture. Work with real-time data in IntelliGRC Core and automate your supporting evidence collection.

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