We're IntelliGRC.

We believe your innovative solutions are important. Cybersecurity compliance shouldn't be a roadblock to offering your solutions to others. We offer the streamlined path to assessing and sustaining compliance.

We've been in your shoes.

We've been in the trenches of compliance ourselves. We've experienced the challenges you face in maintaining a streamlined process for compliance.

We needed to meet the same regulations you face today. And we knew there had to be a better way to assess and sustain compliance. We put our heads together and created IntelliGRC.

IntelliGRC is the solution we use to assess and sustain compliance, so we can continue to provide services to the Department of Defense and other federal agencies.

IntelliGRC Company Values

Provide outstanding solutions.

Each client is unique. We tailor our solutions with quality product and unsurpassed service to make a positive impact for each of our clients. In the end, customer success is the goal.

If we can make it better, make it better.

We stay on the lookout for opportunities to grow as a business, as a product, and as individuals. We strive to improve the user experience and always remain educated on industry updates. We are proud to foster a team of continuous learners.

Keep it simple.

Cybersecurity compliance has a reputation for being confusing. We strive to make the process of compliance as simple as possible for our clients. With well thought out, holistic simplicity, we take the complication out of compliance.

Meet the Team

Ozzie Saeed: IntelliGRC Chief Executive Officer
Asfand "Ozzie" SaeedChief Executive Officer and Founder
Joshua Foster, Sr.: IntelliGRC Chief Operating Officer
Joshua Foster, Sr.Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder
Matthew DuVal: Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder
Matthew DuValChief Technology Officer and Co-Founder
Joe Turk: IntelliGRC Lead Software Engineer
Joe TurkChief Architect and Co-Founder
Aaron Birnbaum: Product and Operations Manager
Aaron BirnbaumProduct and Operations Manager
Benjamin Martindell: Lead Quality Engineer
Benjamin MartindellLead Quality Engineer
Sarah Mason: IntelliGRC Director of Communications
Sarah Mason Chief Marketing Officer
Karen Miller: IntelliGRC Lead Cybersecurity Analyst
Karen Miller Services Operations Manager
Boris Teterin: Lead Software Engineer
Boris Teterin Lead Software Engineer
Rabie Nasser: Front-End Software Developer
Rabie Nasser Front-End Software Developer